Eternal panic response
Do the riots surprise you?

We in Britain live in a country where the richest 10% are now 100 times better off than the poorest.

We live in a country where brutal cuts and enforced austerity measures are being put in place by our government- cuts and measures that hit the poorest, most vulnerable sections of society hardest.

We live in a country where there have been 333 deaths in police custody since 1998- and not a single conviction of any police officer has been had for any of them.

We live in a country where social mobility is worse than any other developed country.

Look at the context of the country we live in, at the way our entitled treat the dispossessed, the culture of institutionalised and government-supported classism, racism, heterosexism, cissexism, sexism and ableism.

If you’re surprised that in the last year we’ve erupted- the student protests, the university occupations, the strikes, the marches, the unrest on the streets- then you haven’t been paying attention.

Pay attention, beyond the burning cars and the sensationalist headlines of the riots, to the rot that surrounds them and lays dry kindling for each spark to set aflame.

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