Eternal panic response

So, my parents are divorced! This means I get two christmasses; one at my dad’s with his family, and one at my mum’s with hers.

Christmas at my mum’s is the best. Her boyfriend is an AMAZING cook and she doesn’t even make us go to mass anymore, yesss.

My haul:

  • Awesome nail polish! It’s that cracky stuff and I love it.
  • These. Fucking. Shoes. I am so in love with these shoes I could die. (But I won’t because I can’t take them with me.)

So yeah, my mum is totally enabling the reduction of my wardrobe from mostly black with a few odd colours into just monochrome + red.


  1. caprichosamente said: That dress looks bangin on you and I want to steal your shoes.
  2. sunset-in-my-veins said: You are so fab, oh my god
  3. weaimtomisbehave said: You are absolutely gorgeous and I really like it when you post pictures of yourself in amazing outfits. I wish I had the courage to dress femme.
  4. amoebagrrrl said: Looking fabulous!
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    Those. Shoes. Want. Oh and Charlie is looking amazing, as per usual.
  6. moo-ahyou said: goddammit Charlie stop doing this to me T_T;; so fabulous wtf
  7. heartvice said: /fanning self; oooh charlie~
  8. kartari said: jaw = on the floor.
  9. spikedearheart said: i’m pretty sure i have these exact shoes in red, A+ excellent taste would appreciate again
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