Eternal panic response
is it at all not kosher to ask to share? my was not a questionnaire so i’m super curious!

I have no idea why it wouldn’t be; contrary to general internet superstition around ~self diagnosing~ mental health professionals quite like it when people know enough to say ‘I have identified x, y and z as a potential problem for me’ so they can… you know… actually do their jobs.

So yeah, I’ll share them with you no problem, though apparently one of the forms is going to be black (??? idk) so it might not picture well

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On mine it was questions like “you often lose items you need” 1 being very often 5 being never at all. All the questions were scales and most were of the form of “you do x” with x being a thing

ahhhhh ok, that’s p cool! I think they’re sending the forms to me to fill out at home, would it be ok to ask you questions if I’m confused about stuff like wording etc?


I followed this tutorial for bra fitting and I’m apparently a 36KK. I’m so not ok with this????? Pls invent boob donation stations asap b/c that’s like 3 possible boob for interested parties




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Get measured, then try New Loon, Kelly Brook has a range for larger cup sizes that’s very affordable and long lasting. And I think Littlewoods and Very have cheap larger bras. Also TK Maxx, though it’s a bit lot luck.

ooooh thank you

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good luck! ADHD meds changed my life.

thanks <33

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that a lot and I’m really hopeful that this could be really helpful for me!!!

i’m apparently a GG

I was labouring under the illusion I was a 34GG but my bras have been actually leaving bruises so like

they…. probably don’t fit

this means specialty shops tho

maybe there’s a charity for poor giant-titted people who don’t have £40-90 per bra